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I downloaded this for free. I know how important reviews are.

I like it. I've just given this a cursory look. I really like the artwork and the general feel of the text. I like the layout and it feels like a lot of work has gone into this game :)

Thanks so much!  I use SlidesGo templates, and this is a boiled-down and simplified version of the approach I use in my online classes.  I generally include TONS of art in every deck, but as I don't own the rights, it's essentially like a collage, and can't be distributed without obtaining rights (which I don't have the means to manage).

The most exciting part of this, for me, is that it encourages writing and can be incorporated into any game.  Hope you get a chance to play, and please check out for my most developed game. 

Thanks for joining the jam, and excited to be in touch!