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Can you help me understand more about how Re/Act and Act work on the enemy card? What's the difference? Why 2 numbers? I may just be missing where this is explained. 

Sorry for the confusion!  I need to include an explanation - it's a quick shorthand for "Reaction" and "Actions."  The first number is when the foe acts within the initiative order; the second is how many actions it can take (2 for a Move/Attack, double Attack, etc.).

Let me know if this helps clarify?  And would LOVE to keep hearing your thoughts or questions

This system is absolutely stellar! Both Players and MCs feel like they're given plenty of tactical decisions while not slowing down the pace! ((And I especially love how bosses are broken down into "parts"))


THANK YOU!  I love the bosses - have SO many more I'd like to stat out!  I have superheroic ones (juggernaut left arm, right arm, core torso!), scifi ones (tentacles x4, core brain), and fantasy ones (claws x2, bite, core werewolf torso).  SO MANY Items and Stunts I'd like to try!  Fantasy with Sneak (+1 to Get Physical to sneak in Adventure; Backstab - roll 1d10 Attack when adjacent and target has an ally directly opposite), scifi with Mecha (Gravity Beam - Attack to Pull 1d6 spaces) ...

... really, REALLY want to find funding and energy to put this into a serious form.

Did I mention Character Cards with Action and Adventure on opposite sides, then Stunts, Items, etc. as extra cards?

THANK YOU for your support!  If you dig this, would LOVE to see it gain traction!