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Holdfast Station (a Stonetop stretch goal!) is a quick-start, deep-story game set on an asteroid mine in the far reaches of space.  Players build their Holdfast community and take on the role of blue-collar Diggers, Riggers, Stitches, and Specs trying to make it through an average work day.  

But events call even everyday people to support their community.

Your Holdfast relies on three pillars: Trust, Lives, and Station.  When calamity befalls the Holdfast and the Trust you rely on is shaken, your actions will determine the fate of the entire station.  Not only will you get the PDF, but a link to an online Character Keeper that will help you organize play, whether in-person or online.

These rules are for blind playtests, and we would LOVE your feedback!  Please hit us up at:

This game is for MATURE audiences; think PG-13.  Please review all materials to ensure they suit your kids if you consider playing this with anyone who isn't an adult!


Holdfast Station - Trust Cycle Blind Playtest Rules.pdf 619 kB

Install instructions

By downloading this game, you agree to receive e-mails from Michael Low and Luck of Legends (no-one else!) about product updates and services.  If you would not like to receive these e-mails, please let me know and I'll immediately remove you from the list!  I ask for your permission because I'm an independent creator and educator running a business to pay my bills - this is not my side job, but my primary one.

Thank you so much - and enjoy!

Be sure to check the PDF for links to the Character Keeper!

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