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This is a quick, one-page, MOSAIC Strict tabletop RPG mod for generating characters based on LEGO minifigures.  It also has mini systems for brawling and leveling up.  You can play using any toys, a few d6s (it helps to have three different colors!), a d8 (not strictly necessary), and stuff for writing.

Easy to set up, easy to play, and feel free to stick it onto any other MOSAIC bits and bobs you like!  Fun for kids and adults, cause toys ROCK.

Holler if you dig it!


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Five stars for the Drive section!

The "Drive" is always a cool idea and that's even better this way - when we just decide by looking up to the fig!


So kind of you!  I'm a big fan of drive, downfall, bonds, skills, deeds, items, traits, and quirks as ways to build out a concept - they're quick and intuitive, and they let you verbally "sketch" a character without too much work (especially with the visual inspo of the minifig, yep!)


Such a fun idea, and a great way to create personalized figures. This is part right here is what most won me over; nice!

...If no color fits, pick whatever- “cool hair” could be defense, since people don’t want to mess it up...

I like having non-combat stats stay relevant … and I feel like numbers sometimes get in the way of playing goofier, wilder characters - and that’s GOTTA be what a Minifig RPG is about, right?  But with brawling!

So glad you dug it - you made my day.