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Five stars for the Drive section!

The "Drive" is always a cool idea and that's even better this way - when we just decide by looking up to the fig!


So kind of you!  I'm a big fan of drive, downfall, bonds, skills, deeds, items, traits, and quirks as ways to build out a concept - they're quick and intuitive, and they let you verbally "sketch" a character without too much work (especially with the visual inspo of the minifig, yep!)


Such a fun idea, and a great way to create personalized figures. This is part right here is what most won me over; nice!

...If no color fits, pick whatever- “cool hair” could be defense, since people don’t want to mess it up...

I like having non-combat stats stay relevant … and I feel like numbers sometimes get in the way of playing goofier, wilder characters - and that’s GOTTA be what a Minifig RPG is about, right?  But with brawling!

So glad you dug it - you made my day.