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This game, this game is crazy fun. Its easy to just pick up and play. Not much in the way of rules or any really hard concepts. Follow the prompts, write, and at the end read your entries. 

Thanks so much! It's my partner's first game, and I think the journal prompts really center the experience. The goal is sort of "experiential fiction." Do let us know any other thoughts, and THANK YOU!


Maybe add Congressional Copies as an option? People can purchase a copy to be sent to their congress-critter's official e-mail?

Oh that's a brilliant idea - I'll run it by my partner!


It sounds really interesting and looks great! It's now on my list of future solo games to purchase and play, just have to finish the others first. 😅

Great job! 


Cheers!  Please let us know what you think - my partner is excited for feedback, as this is her first game!