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I tried out Stories RPG via the pre-made Starsworn games, and this was awesome!  Lots of opportunity for creativity and collaborative play AND it was rules-lite enough that my 3yo picked it up within the first session.  

In the pre-made Starsworn adventures, it requires basically no prep (it teaches you the game as you play) and the coloring sheets are great for helping with fidget breaks for kids.

I definitely recommend trying it out, and I have a full review below if you want more info/details on how it went with my kiddo!


Thanks so much for the lovely comments, Steph - your son's story made my day!  Currently hard at work on Chapter 3 - would love to hear your thoughts when it's ready (and, most importantly, how your son likes it!).

For sure!  Excited to see Ch3 with where the Ch2 podcast episode left off.  Also, kiddo has loved listening to the podcast along with it.  We got to the part where the group saw the Frogwitch and kiddo was like "that was me!" when they were talking about the adventurers that just came through the swamp.

Chapter 1 of Starsworn credits Vincent Baker as the author of Blades in the Dark, it should say John Harper. Just a friendly FYI!

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You're absolutely right! Harper wrote Blades ... my face is RED!  Corrected!


I am excited to try this game with my 4 year old! I think he can handle the easy character sheet and mechanics, and he will love making the story!


Oh my!  I can't wait to hear the feedback.  

We have a full "choose-your-own-adventure" style "chapter" in a longer "book" of adventures coming up, set in the world of Max Goodname (from Stories Podcast, one of the longest-running and largest shows for kids on the web).  

Starsworn is incoming.