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Stories Podcast has delighted kids and parents for years; Stories RPG is a game for telling epic tales for kids and adults from 6 to 99.  

Stories RPG focuses on narrative, helping kids learn to tell stories as they build their characters and the world.  Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3 of Starsworn, a print and play choose-your-own-adventure/coloring book, are available at StoriesRPG.com, along with an Actual Play podcast with the cast of the Max Goodname fantasy series from Stories Podcast.  Download them to get kids reading, writing, acting, and presenting ... because they love it!  

Written by educational RPG expert Michael Low with Daniel Hinds, the writer for Stories Podcast, Stories RPG is a tool for guardians and kids to play, learn, and create together.  

Here's a quick link library for all the StoriesRPG resources:


  • Core RulesA one page RPG focused on helping players tell stories of drama, excitement, and adventure together.  All you need is four 6-sided dice, paper, stuff to write with, and at least two people!
  • Scenes: A tool for outlining scenes for stories or games that's easy, collaborative, and intuitive.
  • Drama Clocks: Epic, spine-tingling, edge-of-your seat scenes where every Move counts - but without the violence!
  • Power UpsAn approach to "powering up" where writing becomes joyous - a source of character growth and peer support!
  • Teller Moves: A set of 16 quick-reference cards with strategies to help you run an engaging, collaborative, compelling, educational game for anyone!


  • Starsworn: A monthly set of print and play, play to learn adventures with read-aloud passages, coloring book illustrations, maps, and even a set of podcast stories from StoriesPodcast that follow a group of heroes on a parallel quest!  At 40 pages each, these play-at-home books are a steal!
  • Chapter 1Legends say magic came when the stars fell.  At this year's Starfall fair, a group of everyday people will rise to become heroes when they fall again - and be swept up in grand and heroic events!  Best of all?  Chapter 1 is pay what you want - go grab a copy now!
  • Chapter 2The heroes must journey to the Far Swamp to seek the Frog Witch, the only sage wise enough to help them unlock their powers. But strange forces are at work, and the stars have caused great chaos across the land ...
  • Chapter 3The heroes are summoned on a great quest ... to go to school! The Celestial Conservatory promises to train them in the use of their Starsworn powers - but what secrets does it hide?


  • World Building: How to help kids build their own worlds, with their own lore and internal logic.
  • Mathemagic: A math practice mechanic for helping kids practice arithmetic.
  • Educator's Guide: This will be a longer work, and explain, step-by-step, strategies for using StoriesRPG to teach academic content in classrooms, including Common Core Standards, assessments, pacing guides, grouping strategies, and more!

Feel free to reach out with any questions, and hope this supplement boosts your stories to the next level!


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I tried out Stories RPG via the pre-made Starsworn games, and this was awesome!  Lots of opportunity for creativity and collaborative play AND it was rules-lite enough that my 3yo picked it up within the first session.  

In the pre-made Starsworn adventures, it requires basically no prep (it teaches you the game as you play) and the coloring sheets are great for helping with fidget breaks for kids.

I definitely recommend trying it out, and I have a full review below if you want more info/details on how it went with my kiddo!



Thanks so much for the lovely comments, Steph - your son's story made my day!  Currently hard at work on Chapter 3 - would love to hear your thoughts when it's ready (and, most importantly, how your son likes it!).

For sure!  Excited to see Ch3 with where the Ch2 podcast episode left off.  Also, kiddo has loved listening to the podcast along with it.  We got to the part where the group saw the Frogwitch and kiddo was like "that was me!" when they were talking about the adventurers that just came through the swamp.

Chapter 1 of Starsworn credits Vincent Baker as the author of Blades in the Dark, it should say John Harper. Just a friendly FYI!

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You're absolutely right! Harper wrote Blades ... my face is RED!  Corrected!


I am excited to try this game with my 4 year old! I think he can handle the easy character sheet and mechanics, and he will love making the story!


Oh my!  I can't wait to hear the feedback.  

We have a full "choose-your-own-adventure" style "chapter" in a longer "book" of adventures coming up, set in the world of Max Goodname (from Stories Podcast, one of the longest-running and largest shows for kids on the web).  

Starsworn is incoming.