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Welcome! This is a two-page, printable tool for tying character advancement to writing stories!  By encouraging players to contribute to the world of the game with stories, celebrating them, and distributing Story Points with which to buy new abilities and re-rolls, this Boost makes TTRPGs a joyous way to link a difficult skill - writing - with the greatest reward: peer support.  

As a certified teacher, I designed this approach for my TTRPG writing classes, but it can be applied to any role-playing game to help make writing rewarding and collaborative.

Though designed to work with the StoriesRPG core rules, it works with any tabletop RPG, walking you through how to ...

  • Create Prompts: Use what happened in your game to discuss what everyone is curious or excited to write about!
  • Celebrate!  Read aloud and cheer for each other's work - every story adds to the world we create together!
  • Story Points: Discuss and decide how many Story Points each story should receive - but remember, the author gets the last say in how much they feel they've earned!     
  • Challenges: Gain a bonus point for a writing challenge - read aloud, get descriptive, work on dialogue - and celebrate the win!
  • Level Up: Spend Story Points to buy new Lines for your Story, Special abilities, or re-rolls.  If you're playing another game, hand out experience points, feats, skills, levels - whatever works!

This makes advancement about writing, and writing about peer recognition, giving everyone in the group a chance to be cheered for their stories and excited to share!  It also empowers their abilities in the game and lets the story become truly collaborative.

Here's a quick link library for all the StoriesRPG resources to help ramp up the fun:


  • Stories RPG is an all-ages podcast in which we play story arcs that intersect with our play-at-home games in every genre, letting you listen along and learn to play with us! We have fantasy, superheroic, scifi arcs and more - listen along, download the games, and play parallel to our parties!


  • Full Toolkit: The base game plus ALL the boosts, for a $1 discount!
  • Core RulesA one page RPG focused on helping players tell stories of drama, excitement, and adventure together.  All you need is four 6-sided dice, paper, stuff to write with, and at least two people!
  • Scenes: A tool for outlining scenes for stories or games that's easy, collaborative, and intuitive.
  • World BuildingHow to help kids build their own worlds, with their own lore and internal logic.
  • Drama Clocks: Epic, spine-tingling, edge-of-your seat scenes where every Move counts - but without the violence!
  • Power UpsAn approach to "powering up" where writing becomes joyous - a source of character growth and peer support!
  • Teller Moves: A set of 16 quick-reference cards with strategies to help you run an engaging, collaborative, compelling, educational game for anyone!
  • ArithMagine: An alternate mechanic for StoriesRPG that improves numeracy as you play!


  • Starsworn: A monthly set of print and play, play to learn adventures with read-aloud passages, coloring book illustrations, maps, and a podcast that follow a group of heroes on a parallel quest!  The full book is over 120 pages of adventure! Legends say magic came when the stars fell.  At this year's Starfall fair, a group of everyday people will rise to become heroes when they fall again - and be swept up in grand and heroic events!
  • Gigacity Guardians: The city needs saving! As new students at Signora's Sun's Sanctuary for the Stupendous, you'll need to master your powers, find good friends, and face masterminds and mayhem in the superheroic world of Gigacity!
  • Partnerz In Grime: Play as a crew of unruly goblinz hiding out and causing mischief in the hooman world!


  • Gigacity Guardians, Chapter 2Join the Kickstarter to print up the coloring-book, superheroic RPG this fall!
  • Starsworn, Chapter 4: The saga continues as the crew investigates the towns of Belleweather and Bastion - and the mysterious Radiant Lord!
  • Luna Uni: This scifi arc of the game follows a crew of misfits in a utopian future as they break laws and expectations at the universe's center for radical learning: Luna University! The game is currently being used to teach writing in multiple classrooms to rave results!
  • Educator's Guide: This will be a longer work, and explain, step-by-step, strategies for using StoriesRPG to teach academic content in classrooms, including Common Core Standards, assessments, pacing guides, grouping strategies, and more!

Feel free to reach out with any questions, and hope you enjoy the games, the worlds, and the podcast!


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