Luck Of Legends (Michael Low)

An epic, fast and furious system for minis and maps using Breathless.
A boost for any TTRPG to help you become a better Teller!
The Stories Podcast game for telling epic tales together!
A system-agnostic approach to help anyone design scenes for stories!
Dramatic, tactical scenes - without the violence!
Role Playing
Advance your RPG characters by writing stories and expanding the world!
An online story-writing game based in Google Slides that helps kids write stories about raising monster babies!
MOSAIC Strict rules for making characters and having quick adventures using LEGO minifigs!
PUNCTURED is a game in which the question of who owns your body becomes immediate and unavoidable.
Play an homage to the scriptwriting and screen magic of Kurosawa and Shinobu Hashimoto, the authors of Seven Samurai.
Community survival on an asteroid mine in the Far-Out of space.
MOSAIC Strict rules for battles in giant armor.
A retro, Day-Glo, Nitro, freak-show, rainbow system - grab fistfuls of dice and gamble for epic FX!